1. WISC's VisionStatement:
“WISC will continue to advocate and campaign for policies and strategies which involve partnership with organisations and institutions that empathise with the quest to promote equal opportunity, improve race relations, tolerance and understanding amongst people of different cultures.  
The objective is the elimination of racial discrimination, other categories of bigotry and race hate crimes which have led to the famous rate hate murders of Kelso Cochrane and Stephen Lawrence; and to put in place the framework for creating a fair and just society” 
WISC is dedicated to the quest to eliminate race hate and to enhance the quality of life for all peoples in the United Kingdom by continuing to be the champion and custodian of the philosophy of Equal Opportunity and Human Rights; a quest which it began in 1958 and led to the 1965 Race Relations ACT.  WISC holds the view that Equality must mean equal and fair treatment for all communities. No community should be excluded from being an integral part of society.
WISC takes pride in the knowledge that communities, even those who did not support the campaign have had the quality of their lives enhanced through the implementation of the 1965 Race Relations Act and the subsequent revisions and amendments. WISC values will continue to be evidenced through the following standards:
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Quality assurance in service delivery
  • Application of the tools of monitoring, evaluation and complaint response
  • Equal and fair treatment
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Influencing Policy Changes and Development
  • Equality in Diversity
The plan proposes working across the following strategic priorities:
  • The need to build an integrated society where equality and diversity are celebrated through interaction between sections of the community and participation by all sections of the community;
  • Addressing inter-community conflict prevention and resolution
  • Race Relations Act 1976 casework
  • Assessing the Impact of the 1965 Race Relations Act and the appending revisions on the socio-economic heritage of the UK
  • Implementations of CRE’s Race Equality and Standards-  Compliance to the Race Relations Act 2000 for local authority and other local organisations
  • Advocacy and Advice Services - Advocating and alerting local and Central Government on the need to enhance both policy and strategy for the delivery of effective and efficient services.
  • Policy and Strategy:  Devise policies and strategies that are commensurate to the needs of  staff  and the clients who use the services
  • WISC’s Restructure: Restructure and staff WISC to ensure its capability to respond effectively and efficiently to Government, CEHR, GLA’s and local authority directives
The purpose of this website is  a communication tool to:

  • Set the direction for the organisation, agree targets and objectives;
  • Identify how the organisation will achieve its objectives;
  • Demonstrate that the organisation is “fit for purpose” in terms of governance and infrastructure;
  • Be a “live” document that will measure the quantity and quality of  progress and review performance on a regular basis;
  • Be the road map that guides the organisation on its journey towards its goals and objectives;
  • Provide a clear and focused and realistic view of the organisation and its role from the perspectives of clients, partners staff and trustees;
  • Provide a series of objective and goals for which the organisation is accountable; and
  • The proposed work plan will comply with the princples of the “SMART” model: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Restricted;

We propose that the work plan will be governed by the following:

  • Outcome statement which will illustrate the changes we are planning to make;
  • Milestones to measure and illustrate the stages to enable change, and
  • The Outputs which will define the activities that will enable that social change Outcomes.Welcome to the site editor

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