Clem Byfield -  Chairman; 
Henry Richard Perkins - Vice Chairman; 
Stanley Brown - Hon.Secretary ; 
Magory Fox-Pitt - Hon. Treasurer

Chair Persons of WISC past and Present

Clem Byfield
Len Dyke
Joseph A Hunte BA
B.BMitchell LLB
William Trant OBE
Claude Brooks MBE
Clarence C Thompson MBE

Hon. Secretaries - past and present

Stanley Brown
Jeff Crawford
Joseph A Hunte BA
William Trant OBE
Clarence C THompson MBE
Noel Williams
Judy Ferguson

Those who Passed:

WISC celebrates the lives of those wo passed:

Clem Byfield                                    Cecil Collier
Len Dyke                                        Courtney Laws
Joseph A Hunte BA                         Rudy Narayan
B.BMitchell LLB                              Alamn Kelly
Jeff Crawford                                   Ritchie Riley
Cliff Lynch                                      David Wilson
Glyn Abraham                                John Christie                              
David Pitt                                       Alfonso Charles

The People (past and present) who dedicated their to ending racism in Britain
 Abraham Glyn  Crawford  Jeff  Le Maitre Chris
 Achille E.W  Crawford Lincoln LLB  Lynch Cliff
 Afif Ali  Cummings Mike  Martin George
 Andrew Hewlette Rev  Cunningham Ben  Mc Calam Joy
 Bartley  Gilbert Daniel Roseta  Mc Nish S.R             
 Barzey Jimmy Davidson E  Mitchell B. LLB
 Barzey Vaughn  Dawkins S  Narayan Rudy LLB
 Bekoe Sam LLB  Divine David  Phipps Patricia
 Bell N  Dyke Len  Rafferty J
 Bennett Ralph  Ennis S  Richards T
 Bernard Gene Enright K  Richardson G.G
 Best Fabian Ezzrecco Frances  Ritchie Riley
 Best- Stephenson Mavis MBE  Fairweather Jimmy  Ross Cecil MBE
 Best Winston  Ferguson B.KL  Royers Neville
 Blake B Ferguson Judy  Rumble G
 Brand E MBE  Flannigan Neil  Sera-Wurie Adu
 Brand M  Forde Glenda  Springer K
 Brooks Claude MBE Gordon Rhodan  Springer Sam MBE
 Brown R.G Graham Sebert   Stephen Patricia Rev.
 Brown Victor Greenaway S.A Stewart Cordell
 Burton E Green A  Stewart Daphne
 Butler M. LLB  H\arris F.E  Stewart Mavis MBE
 Byfield Jimmy  Haughton W.A  Telford C.H
 Byfiel Gwen  Hernry B  Terry John Dr
 Campbell V.E  Howells Ros (Baroness)  Thompson Adrian Betrand
 Carter Trevor  Hunte Joseph A  Thompson Clarence C. MBE
 Charles Courtney  Ince Greg  Tonge Magaret
 Charles Alphonso  IInyang Emelda  Trant W.I OBE
 Chase Louis                                       Jacobs Franklin Dr.                                   Wade A.E.S
 Christie John  Johnson H A  Watt Ivan
 Clarke V.L  Jones Les  Webley Alfred
 Collier Cecil  Kelly Alan  Williams Noel
 Cooper Oswald  King Lloyd Wilson D
 Cotter Manny                                                             King Sam  Wilson J Mrs
   Laws Courtney  


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